Rance Daniels

Missouri Farmer|Daniels Farm Partnership

2024 Abstract - LESSONS LEARNED FROM GROWING ROW RICE: Rance, a third generation farmer in Dunklin, County, Missouri, will speak on the trials, tribulations and success of growing row rice. He’ll speak of the benefits that have come from learning what works…and what doesn’t in the row rice approach to growing, on his 2000 acres in the Missouri Bootheel. He’ll open up his session for a roundtable discussion, so everyone there can give their feedback on the topic. Dr. Justin Chlapecka of the University of Missouri’s Fisher Delta Research Center will join Daniels.


Cell Phone: 573-344-2529

Address: 19335 State Hwy. 164

Hornersville, MO 63855

Email: danielsfarms@gmail.com

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