Wayne Dulaney

Mississippi Farmer|Gen 4 Farms

2024 Abstract - USING INFORMATION WISELY: Wayne wears more than one hat, managing a local seed company, and farming Gen 4 Farms, a 4th generation family operation in Clarksdale, Mississippi. In his career, he’s taken note of the fact that many farmers do not know how to analyze data and use that information for their benefit. He’ll talk about how he’s learned to take what modern statistics have to offer farmers, and how to make that a tool for their success in the field and on the bottom line. Joining Dulaney will be Dr. Corey Bryant of Mississippi State University. ------2024 Abstract - ROUNDTABLE SESSION - USING SOIL MOISTURE SENSORS ACROSS THE ENTIRING FARMING ENTERPRISE: LESSONS LEARNED FROM THOSE WHO ARE DOING IT: Utilizing Soil Moisture Sensors across the entire farming enterprise is challenging and is potentially a capital-intensive process. Lessons learned from utilizing soil moisture monitoring, the successes, and pitfalls, will be shared in this farmer panel session.


Cell Phone: 662-902-0729

Address: 6933 Sunflower School Rd.

Clarksdale, MS 38614

Email: wayne.dulaney@revereseed.com

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