Dr. Drew Gholson

Assistant Professor/Extension Irrigation Specialist|Delta Research & Extension Center

2024 Abstract - DIFFERENT FURROW IRRIGATION SPACINGS ON CORN IN SHARKEY CLAY SOIL: In the Mississippi Delta, over 40% of the available land is classified as clay soils. Corn is mainly produced on sandy loam to silt loam textured soils. The recent economic returns of corn have led producers to start putting clay soils under corn production. Clay soils frequently flood and waterlog; it has been reported that each day waterlogging occurs corn can lose between 5-30% of yield depending on the stage of growth. The overall objective of this research is to determine whether altering irrigated furrow spacings on Sharkey Clay soils can reduce flooding and waterlogging to better benefit corn yield. An on-station study at the National Center for Alluvial Aquifer Research and an on-farm study located in Glen Allan, Mississippi was conducted over three years; 2021, 2022, and 2023. The on-station trial was arranged as a randomized complete block design with four replications. Furrow irrigation spacing treatments included Every Row Irrigation, Skip Row Irrigation, 4-Row Skip Irrigation, and 8-Row Skip Irrigation. The on-farm trial treatments included 10ft, 20ft, and the Tractor Track (TT) Treatment. Over the three years of on-station yield data the 8-Row skip treatment in the top half of the field was higher than the Skip Row Treatment by 11%. The on-farm trial showed that irrigation spacing had no effect on corn yield. ------ 2024 ABSTRACT - ROUNDTABLE SESSION - USING SOIL MOISURE SENSORS ACROSS THE ENTIRE FARMING ENTERPRISE: LESSONS LEARNED FROM THOSE WHO ARE DOING IT: Utilizing Soil Moisture Sensors across the entire farming enterprise is challenging and is potentially a capital-intensive process. Lessons learned from utilizing soil moisture monitoring, the successes, and pitfalls, will be shared in this farmer panel session.


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