Hayden Hambrick

Technical Service Representative |RiceTec, Inc.

2024 Abstract - PERFORMANCE OF NEW RICETEC HYBRIDS IN 2023 - In 2023, the RiceTec Technical Services Team conducted several replicated small plot trials in the Gulf Coast and Midsouth. Trials included optimum planting date evaluations, HighCard® tolerance and weed control studies, FullPage® tolerance, and seeding rate trials. Results indicated that RT7302, a new long-grain hybrid, outperformed XP753 consistently in Midsouth trials, but results were more mixed in the Gulf Coast locations. RT3202, a new medium grain hybrid, performed similarly to XP753 and out-yielded ‘Titan’ by 25-40%. RT7331 MA, a Max-Ace® hybrid, had the highest yield among all ACCase-tolerant entries, and RTv7231 MA outperformed PVL03 by 15-25%, depending on planting date.

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