Will Hart

Mississippi Farmer|

2023 Abstract - COMPUTERIZED HOLE SELECTION AND IMPLEMENTATION: With irrigation, one trick for saving time and money is utilizing computerized hole selection. Hart has implemented and operated such a system for eight years and has been very pleased with the results. He will explain the initial application procedure, overall benefits, and provide a brief cost analysis. Hart attended Mississippi State University where he studied Agricultural Engineering and Technology Business. A lifelong farmer, he works for his grandfather, Terry Maxwell, on Hope So Farms Inc. which includes 3,000 acres, with one-third dedicated to corn and the additional two-thirds to soybean production.---------------- 2023 Abstract - ROUNDTABLE SESSION - USING SOIL MOISTURE SENSORS ACROSS THE ENTIRE FARMING ENTERPRISE: LESSONS LEARNED FROM THOSE WHO ARE DOING IT: Utilizing Soil Moisture Sensors across the entire farming enterprise is challenging and is potentially a capital-intensive process. Lessons learned from utilizing soil moisture monitoring, the successes and pitfalls will be shared in this farmer panel session.


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