Nick McMichen

Alabama Farmer: Cotton|

2023 Abstract - USING POULTRY LITTER ON NO-TILL, SKIP ROW COTTON: Poultry litter has been a huge fertilizer saving asset for McMichen as he raises no-till, skip row cotton. In the area where he farms, poultry litter is readily available and he finds there’s about a $30 an acre savings in using this process. By applying the litter about 30 days prior to planting he can benefit from the full nitrogen in the litter, he says. He will share his experience of 33 years of farming to help others be more profitable. McMichen attended Gadsden State Community College in Gadsden, Al, with plans to work toward a degree in agronomy and soils. However, an opportunity arose to double the size of the farm, so he left school to pursue that opportunity.


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