Dr. Rasel Parvej

Assistant Professor & Soil Fertility Specialist|LSU AgCenter

2024 Abstract - SOYBEAN RESPONSE TO SULFUR RATES AND SOURCES: Sulfur (S) deficiency is becoming a major concern for crop production due to the atmospheric S deposition through rainfall has been reduced by 90% since the Clean Air Act was adopted. Another important source of S is soil organic matter that is also decreasing everyday due to tillage practices and high temperature and rainfall in the Mid-South. We established 35 research trials in 2023 to evaluate soybean response to 6 different S rates (0, 10, 20, 30, 40, and 60 lb S/acre) and 5 sources (ammonium sulfate, sulfur plus/gypsum, K-mag, tiger 90CR, and potassium thiosulfate). We collected soil samples at planting, tissue samples and vegetation indices at flowering, and seed yield and seed protein concentration at harvest. Results will be presented in the meeting. 2024 Abstract - ROUNDTABLE SESSION - UNDERSTANDING YOUR SOIL TEST RECOMMENDATIONS: Consistent high yield cotton and rice production often requires supplemental fertilization. In this roundtable, the details of how a soil test recommendation is constructed will be discussed. This information can be used to make more profitable fertilizer decisions.

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