Dr. Trenton L. Roberts

Professor and Soil Fertility Extension|University of Arkansas

2023 Abstract - USING IN-SEASON TISSUE TESTS TO HELP MANAGE NUTRIENTS IN CORN: The number of acres dedicated to corn (Zea mays L.) in the south has been increasing for almost a decade presenting an opportunity for farmers to diversify their production systems. Nitrogen fertilizer and fertilization in general can represent the single largest input cost for corn production in the Mid-south. Newly developed in-season tissue tests can aid producers in nitrogen management to ensure that profitability and yield are not compromised. 2023 Abstract - ROUNDTABLE SESSION - HERBICIDE TOLERANT STEWARDSHIP IN RICE - LONG-TERM MANAEMENT OF HERBICIDE-TOLERANT RICE CROPPING SOLUTIONS: Herbicide resistance in grasses and weedy rice has become a major challenge for rice producers, and researchers within academia and the industry are continually working to provide best management solutions and preserve the options currently available. In this roundtable, we will be discussing new technologies and improved agronomic practices that have allowed rice producers to achieve higher yields with a greater return on investment on their farms. Additionally, we’ll review new developments in hybrid technology, nutrient and water management, and herbicide-tolerant technologies that have greatly influenced these achievements and review long-term management strategies which should be considered and implemented to preserve the effectiveness and sustainability of these technologies for years to come.

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