Dr. Tyler Towles

Research and Extension Entomologist|Mississippi State University

2024 Abstract - EFFECTS OF AUTOMATIC INSECTICIDAL APPLICATIONS FOR THE CONTROL OF LEPIDOPTERAN PESTS IN MIDSOUTH SOYBEANS: Experiments were conducted in Mississippi to determine the efficacy and overall value of automatic insect growth regulator (IGRs) applications for the control of certain lepidopteran pests in soybeans. The intent of these experiments is to determine if IGR applications during the automatic fungicide timing window provide residual control to prevent late-season lepidopteran pests from establishing. IGRs were applied as automatic applications with and without fungicide applications around the R3 to R4 growth stages. Insect counts were recorded at 7, 14, and 21 days after application. Additionally, insect bioassays were conducted to determine residual control and larval mortality levels in a field setting.


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