Dr. Tim Walker

General Manager|Horizon Ag, LLC

2024 Abstract - HORIZON AG PROVISIA RICE PANEL: Unified by a commitment to help southern rice farmers manage and steward the Provisia Rice System, university, extension, industry retail, BASF and Horizon Ag representatives met in 2022 to develop Best Management Practices (BMP) to minimize the potential threat of weedy rice outcrosses developing to the ACCase-inhibiting herbicide technology. After the 2023 season, the group met again to analyze results from that effort, and to consider ways to manage new challenges farmers experienced with Provisia rice. By and large, the 2023 growing season was a success for the Provisia Rice System and variety PVL03. Despite PVL03 acreage increasing to almost 30% of the state’s rice plantings, the weedy rice outcrossing issues identified the previous season were significantly reduced, as many farmers adopted BMPs recommended for the system. Those management practices included starting with a clean seed bed, spraying when weeds are small and actively growing, and using recommended residual herbicides. Looking at 2024, the Provisia Rice panel will address key production areas, such as: • Steps in the fall to control weeds and limit early competition • Protect early season plant health with seed treatments and plant nutrition • Seeding rate recommendations • Temperature minimums for optimum herbicide application • Comparing the advantages of three Provisia herbicide application vs. two applications • Proper carrier volumes for ground and aerial applications. • Zero tolerance” for weedy rice and red rice escapes. It will present updated Best Management Practices for Provisia Rice for 2024, with the goal to help make farmers more productive and profitable while effectively stewarding the Provisia Rice System. Those recommendations will include both PVL03 and new PVL04, the first Provisia variety released by the University of Arkansas rice breeding program.

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