Regenerative Agriculture 2023

Nov 23, 2022 by Robin Moll in
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Early Lessons Learned – Delta Regenerative Row Crops

Presented by:  Danny Blalock, Chief Farm Operations Officer, Vayda
Presented by:  Justin Welch, Farm General Manager, Vayda

One year ago, the Vayda team took on a farm near Clarksdale, MS with plans to transform the land into a regenerative row crop operation; not because it would be easy, but because they knew it would be very, very hard.
Join Danny, Chief Farm Operations Officer, and Justin, Farm General Manager, as they share key learnings from their first year in operation and follow along through the many highs and lows of regenerative practice implementation on a historically conventional farm.
Discover how Vayda’s operations informed their experience, ultimately shaping the farmer service offerings available as an exclusive pilot this spring, kicking off at their Field Day on March 8th.

Moving Markets – Developments In The CPG Landscape Toward Regenerative Crop Value

Presented by:  Emily Lafferty, Impact Director, Vayda

Consumers are becoming more aware and invested in the origins and on-farm practices behind their favorite food and fiber products, creating ever growing demand for regenerative production methods and experimental programs for additional grain valuation. However, connecting the dots within agricultural value chains can be both confusing and risky for farmers.
Join Emily Lafferty, Vayda’s Impact Director, on a tour through our food, fiber and farming system to better understand some of the barriers to fully regenerative value chains and how you can be a part of leading initiatives.
For farmers ahead of the curve on Regenerative Agriculture, find out how you can be a part of the first producer groups to access higher-value emerging market opportunities through Vayda’s Regenerative Pathways Program.