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Dr. TylerTowles Research and Extension Entomologist LSU Ag Center 662-820-4217 ttowles@agcenter.lsu.edu
Dr. RogersLeonard Owner-Operator and Professor emeritus (LSU) Integrated Crop Consulting, LLC / (Retired) LSU AgCenter 318-334-0147 brogersleonard@gmail.com
Session Number: C2-2
About this Session

Impacts Of Reduced Insecticide Options In ThryvOn Cotton Landscapes

Presented by: Dr. Tyler Towles, Research and Extension Entomology, LSU Ag Center

Currently, producers face the potential restrictions or complete loss of many insecticide classes commonly utilized for tarnished plant bug control in cotton. However, with the forthcoming commercialization of ThryvOn cotton varieties, a plant-expressed technology known for reducing the threat of tarnished plant bugs, it is important to measure how detrimental losing various insecticide classes would be in terms of yield preservation.


Considerations For The ThryvOn Technology In Cotton!

Presented by:  Dr. Rogers Leonard, Owner-Operator, Integrated Crop Consulting, LLC, St. Joseph, LA and Professor Emeritus, Louisiana State University AgCenter

It remains difficult for agricultural consultants and producers to select the proper IPM strategy for the current complex of cotton arthropod pests. In fact, with all the issues affecting treatment efficacy, it is remarkable that cotton producers consistently maintain satisfactory control with available products. Several factors including changes in the pest spectrum, insecticide-resistant populations, novel products with uncommon modes of intoxication, the need for co-application of multiple products, difficulty in post-treatment evaluation of performance, and technology costs must be considered in the final selection of the most effective strategies. The recent availability of the ThryvOn technology for management of thrips and tarnished plant bugs is a welcome addition to available technologies in the cotton IPM toolbox. This paper will discuss two years of experiences with ThryvOn and common-sense suggestions for technology use on cotton farms during 2021-22.