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Dr. BrianPieralisi Extension Cotton Specialist Mississippi State University 662-325-4072 662-592-1535 bkp4@msstate.edu
WillRutland Extension Associate 1/Grad Student Mississippi State University 662-390-6918 wjr87@msstate.edu
Session Number: C10-2
About this Session

Evaluation Of Cover Crops And Potassium Uptake In The Midsouthern Cotton Belt

Presented by: Dr. Brian Pieralisi, Extension Cotton Specialist, Mississippi State University
Presented by:  Will Rutland, Extension Associate 1/Grad Student, Mississippi State University

Field experiments were established at three Mississippi locations in 2021 and 2022 to evaluate soil K2O uptake and influence on cotton yield and fiber quality. Four winter cover crop treatments including no cover crop, cereal rye, crimson clover, and cereal rye plus crimson clover were seeded into 38” rows to determine K2O content in accumulated biomass. Phytogen 400 W3FE was planted at 42,000 seeds acre-1 to determine K2O leaf content at mid-bloom for all treatments. Soil samples were taken at cover crop initiation, cover crop termination, and harvest to track soil K2O levels throughout the growing season. Fertilizer treatments included no K2O, 150 lbs K2O acre-1 at planting, 150 lbs K2O acre-1 at pinhead square, and split application at planting and pinhead square. Harvest data collection included total node, first fruiting branch, and node above cracked boll.