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CullenMinter Territory Business Manager Koch Agronomic Services 318-319-8334 cullen.minter@kochind.com
MattFryer Agronomist Koch Agronomic Services 870-318-6919 matt.fryer@kochind.com
Session Number: CR5-1
About this Session

Minimizing Nitrogen Loss And Maximizing Corn Yield With UAN

Presented by: Cullen Minter, Territory Business Manager, Koch Agronomic Services
Presented by:  Matt Fryer, Agronomist, Koch Agronomic Services

Nitrogen (N) loss in agricultural systems is inevitable, but with proper knowledge and technology, N loss and environmental detriment can be minimized while maximizing economic return. The potential to lose over 30% of the applied N in urea ammonium nitrate via ammonia volatilization is present if proper application methods and proven urease inhibitors are not utilized. Appreciable N loss potential via leaching is also present if proven nitrification inhibitors are not utilized. Proven technology is available to provide the most economic and environmental value to the farmer and retailer.