Weed Management In Mississippi Soybean

Oct 26, 2022 by Robin Moll in

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Dr. Jason A.Bond Weed Scientist Mississippi State University 662-686-3282 662-769-0268 jason.bond@msstate.edu
TylerHydrick Arkansas Consultant Ag Assistance, LLC 870-530-0745 hcc.tylerhydrick@gmail.com
Session Number: S2-2
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Weed Management In Mississippi Soybean

Presented by: Dr. Jason A. Bond, Weed Scientist, Mississippi State University

Weed control is one of the primary inputs for soybean production in the midsouthern U.S.  Many challenges face soybean growers in the area; however, new tools are available that will assist growers in mitigating the negative effects of weeds in soybean.


General Agronomic Practices In Soybean Production With An Emphasis On Early Season Planting

Presented by: Tyler Hydrick, Arkansas Consultant, Ag Assistance, LLC

Hydrick will list some specific processes in order to prepare for early season soybean planting. Among them are fall tillage and adjusting the planting dates of other crops. As an example, soybeans have a very narrow window for planting to achieve maximum yields, whereas, with corn and rice, there’s a wide window to achieve maximum results. He is in his 5th year as a Certified Crop Advisor, consulting for Hydrick’s Crop Consulting of Jonesboro, Ark. This business covers the northeastern corner of Arkansas. Prior to this, he has been an employee at HCC since age 15. In 2014 he graduated from the University of the Ozarks with a B.S. in biology. In August 2017 he graduated from Mississippi State University under the advisement of Dr. Jason Bond with a Masters in weed science. He now consults on roughly 30,000 acres of corn, soybeans, rice and cotton while assisting his father, David, on other acreage as well.