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Meet the Speakers
Dr. HunterBowman Assistant Professor-Extension Rice Specialist Mississippi State University 662-686-3245 hdb207@msstate.edu
JimWhitaker Arkansas Farmer Whitaker Grain LLC - Trinity Farms Partnership, LLC 870-222-5720 870-222-8935 jimwhitaker68@gmail.com
Session Number: R7-2
About this Session

Best Management Practices For Alternative Rice Growing Techniques

Presented by: Dr. Hunter Bowman, Assistant Professor-Extension Rice Specialist, Mississippi State University

Historically rice produced in the United States (U.S.), has been grown in a flooded environment. This production practice requires zero-graded patties, contour levees, or straight levees in order to maintain flood depth in rice. Recently two new rice growing techniques have gained interest: alternate wetting and drying (AWD) and furrow-irrigated. These practices are intended to reduce water use, labor requirements, and field preparation work. However, reports of increased total nitrogen and herbicide application needs have been recorded. Therefore, research is needed to evaluate the best management practices in these techniques versus a traditional flooded environment.


30-Years Experience Farming Zero-Grade Rice

Presented by: Jim Whitaker, Arkansas Farmer, Whitaker Grain LLC/Trinity Farms Partnership LLC

Whitaker will look at the past while simultaneously keeping an eye on the future by presenting a picture of rice production from his point of view. Farming alongside his brother, Sam, with 30 years of experience producing rice, corn, soybeans, and cotton, he regularly explores additional avenues to increase the on-farm value. Whitaker will review conservation programs and what the future of those program holds, carbon credits, new opportunities and products, the challenges of creating profitability in rice production, and the opportunities and obstacles of creating SmartRice.