Micronutrient Solutions In Rice

Nov 09, 2022 by Robin Moll in

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Dr. IrishPabuayon Assistant Professor - Agronomy LSU AgCenter 806-500-4491 ipabuayon@agcenter.lsu.edu
MattFryer Agronomist Koch Agronomic Services 870-318-6919 matt.fryer@kochind.com
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Micronutrient Solutions In Rice

Presented by:  Dr. Irish Pabuayon, Rice Agronomist, LSU AgCenter
Presented by:  Matt Fryer, Agronomist, Koch Agronomic Services

Although essential micronutrients are needed by rice in smaller amounts compared to macronutrients, large problems can arise with limited access to these nutrients. Correcting zinc deficiencies is economically and environmentally inefficient due to delay in crop maturity and the extra irrigation and nitrogen inputs needed. Vital plant functions are dependent and catalyzed by micronutrients, and when these nutrients are limiting, so is plant growth and performance. Seed applied micronutrients and bulk fertilizer impregnation provide many agronomic and operational benefits for both the farmer and retailer.