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Meet the Speakers
Dr. Jarrod T.Hardke Rice Extension Agrononmist University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Rice Research & Extension Center 870-673-2661 Ext. 231 501-772-1714 jhardke@uada.edu
JustinChlapecka State Rice Extension Specialist University of Missouri 870-206-5491 jchlapecka@missouri.edu
Session Number: R5-2
About this Session

Nitrogen Management Strategies And Timing In Flooded Rice

Presented by: Dr. Jarrod T. Hardke, Rice Extension Agronomist, University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Rice Research & Extension Center

Nitrogen (N) management remains a primary focus for rice production.  The goal is to continue improving and refining N timing and rate strategies for rice.  Additionally, the release of new rice cultivars with different N needs necessitates continued evaluation of our management strategies.  Research-based recommendations for maximizing N management will be discussed.

Planting Considerations For The 2023 Rice Crop

Presented by: Dr. Justin Chlapecka, State Rice Extension Specialist, University of Missouri

Are new rice cultivars, in combination with the growing desire for early-planted soybean, challenging our past ideas of planting timing? While rice cultivars typically perform best when planted earlier, many cultivars maintain great potential moving as late as mid-to late-May planting. Then begs the question –if we choose to push the extremes on planting date, how does that affect our choice of seeding rate? Join this session to discuss planting date and seeding rate recommendations for the upper Mid-South moving into 2023.