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Meet the Speakers
Dr. MattFoster Assistant Professor LSU AgCenter 318-435-2908 601-334-0354 mfoster@agcenter.lsu.edu
HankJones Louisiana Consultant RHJ Ag Services 318-372-9422 hankcjag@gmail.com
Session Number: C5-2
About this Session

Evaluation of 60-Inch Row Spacing in Louisiana Cotton

Presented by: Dr. Matt Foster, Assistant Professor, LSU AgCenter

Cotton grown on 60-inch rows has recently gained interest in Northeast Louisiana. Potential benefits include lower input costs, increased light interception, less boll rot, and standardization of equipment with grain crop rotation. To gain a better understanding of variety performance and production practices in the 60-inch row system as compared to a 38-inch row system, replicated field trials to evaluate popular cotton varieties, nitrogen rate/timing, and plant growth regulator rate/timing were established in 2022 at the LSU AgCenter Northeast Research Station in St. Joseph, LA. Currently, data collection is ongoing, and results will be presented at the conference.

A Consultant’s Perspective For Raising Cotton On 60″ Beds

Presented by: Hank Jones, Louisiana Consultant

Several farmers in Louisiana are already growing cotton on 60” beds which are rotated the following year with either 30” corn or 30” beans. “So there’s a dual purpose for the 60” beds,” Jones said. He will detail the data from experiments already done on the system.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in agronomy from Louisiana Tech, and a master’s in entomology from LSU. He has operated a 100-acre research farm and has done contract research for seed and chemical companies for the past 14years. He has been consulting for 19years. He was named Crop Advisor of the Year in 2019.