Cotton Disease Identification And Management

Oct 11, 2022 by Renee McMahill in

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Meet the Speakers
Dr. TomAllen Associate Extension Research Professor, Plant Pathologist Delta Research & Extension Center 662-686-3272 662-402-9995
Dr. TreyPrice Associate Professor & Agronomic Crop Pathology LSU AgCenter 318-435-2157 318-235-9805
Session Number: C4-2
About this Session

Cotton Disease Identification And Management

Presented by: Dr. Tom Allen, Associate Extension Research Professor, Plant Pathologist

Diagnosing important yield-limiting cotton diseases can be an important first step in determining the necessary management practices. Information on the diagnosis of important yield-limiting cotton diseases will be presented in addition to information regarding important management strategies that are commercially available. The presentation will also include information on some of the resurgent diseases occurring throughout the southeastern U.S. including areolate mildew and target spot.


Cotton Fungicide Seed Treatment Considerations

Presented by: Dr. Trey Price, Associate Professor & Agronomic Crop Pathology, LSU AgCenter

Cotton fungicide seed treatments are crucial for stand establishment in the mid-south. Most seed companies have a few fungicide seed treatment options usually with multiple modes-of-action. We will discuss seedling disease pathogens of concern, review all available commercial options, take a look back at historical data, and provide recommendations for economically sustainable seedling disease management during the upcoming season.