Pivot Irrigation Strategies For The Mid-South

Oct 31, 2022 by Robin Moll in

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Dr. DaveSpencer Assistant Professor Mississippi State University 662-769-7554 dave.spencer@msstate.edu
AnnieDee Alabama Farmer Dee River Ranch 205-399-9316 anniedee@gtrwireless.com
Session Number: IR6-2
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Pivot Irrigation Strategies For The Mid-South

Presented by:  Dr. Dave Spencer, Assistant Professor, Water Resources Research Institute, Mississippi State University

Pivot irrigators in the Mid-South lack regionally specific information to optimize use of overhead systems. This research was conducted to determine whether applying lower irrigation rates more frequently or applying greater irrigation rates less frequently is more effective in meeting crop demand. Lower irrigation rates were insufficient to replenish soil moisture and often could not keep pace with crop demand. These results are extrapolated to field situations to give examples on holistic irrigation management.

How Our Trials With Irrigation Ponds Solved Moisture Needs, Keeping Cropping System Sustainable

Presented by:  Annie Dee, Alabama Farmer, Dee River Ranch

Beginning in 2011, Dee River Ranch put in a four-sided pond, like a catfish pond, to use for irrigation purposes on droughty ground. Later, they added another pond covering 115 surface acres which is 50 foot deep at its deepest. “We built it to put 7 inches of water on our irrigated acres,” says Annie Dee. “It’s really helped us be sustainable. Previously we were having a good crop until about May, then the crop would dry up for lack of water.”The Dee farm raises 4,000 acres of row crops, with a combination of corn and soybeans, depending on market conditions. Dee River Ranch was owned by 11 siblings, including Annie and is presently owned by Annie and her brother, Mike. The diversified family farm also includes a cattle operation and a timber operation. Annie and her youngest brother, Mike Dee, actually manage the place, assisted also by Annie’s twin sons, Seth and Jesse. Annie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Industries from Clemson University in Clemson, S.C.