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Meet the Speakers
Dr. ErickLarson Professor & Extension Corn Agronomist Mississippi State University Extension Service 662-418-7802 elarson@pss.msstate.edu
WillHart Mississippi Farmer 662-310-0989 willhart1989@gmail.com
Session Number: CR3-2
About this Session

Practical Use Of Cover Crops In High Yielding Corn Systems

Presented by: Dr. Erick Larson, Professor & Extension Corn Agronomist, Mississippi State University Extension Service

Cover cropping is hot topic primarily driven by the goal of improving soil health and water quality. However, grower adoption of cover crops remains rather limited. Despite their conservation benefits, cover crops can challenge the dynamics with the subsequent cropping system, especially for corn. This is because corn is normally planted early in the spring and is very sensitive to stand issues. Consequently, cover crop growth coincides with key corn planting time, which is already limited in our high rainfall climate. Thus, we are investigating methods to successfully integrate cover crops into Midsouth corn systems without increasing production risk or sacrificing economic return. Our research has identified cultural practices and cover crop species which can reduce complications or interference with corn production systems.


Computerized Hole Selection And Implementation

Presented by: Will Hart, Mississippi Farmer

With irrigation, one trick for saving time and money is utilizing computerized hole selection. Hart has implemented and operated such a system for eight years and has been very pleased with the results. He will explain the initial application procedure, overall benefits, and provide a brief cost analysis. Hart attended Mississippi State University where he studied Agricultural Engineering and Technology Business. A lifelong farmer, he works for his grandfather, Terry Maxwell, on Hope So Farms Inc. which includes 3,000 acres, with one-third dedicated to corn and the additional two-thirds to soybean production.