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Meet the Speakers
Dr. Tyson B.Raper Cotton Specialist University of Tennessee 731-694-1387 traper@utk.edu
WilliamWalker Tennessee Farmer 901-626-4980 wrwalker42@gmail.com
Session Number: C9-2
About this Session

Managing Field Variability In West Tennessee Cotton

Presented by:  Dr. Tyson B. Raper, Cotton Specialist, University of Tennessee
Presented by:  William Walker, Tennessee Farmer

Variability within and across West Tennessee cotton fields provides several management opportunities. While variable applications of lime, P and K have become quite common, only a few have adopted variable applications of N and plant growth regulators. Walker Farms produces cotton in Fayette County, TN on variable ground around Longtown Gin. Walker Farms tackles variability in cotton fields from a multi-faceted approach; over the years, they have managed within field variability with variable rate applications of lime, P, K, N and plant growth regulators, among other things. The Walkers also run overhead, row and subsurface drip on their operation. During this session, Mr. Bob Walker, Mr. William Walker, and Dr. Tyson Raper will discuss their experiences and research conducted on these topics.