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Meet the Speakers
Dr. TimWalker General Manager HorizonAg LLC 9018183070 twalker@horizonseed.com
Session Number: R12-2
About this Session

Best Management Practices To Prevent Weedy Rice Outcrosses Developing To the ACCase-Inhibiting Herbicide Technology

Moderator:  Dr. Tim Walker, General Manager, Horizon Ag LLC
Participants:  Provisia Working Group Roundtable

Objective:  Discussing best management practices to steward the Provisia Rice System Technology into the future.
The Provisia® Rice System continues to prove it is the best system available today to control weedy rice, red rice, and resistant grasses. However, instances of weedy rice and resistant red rice outcrosses in Provisia rice, and where other ACCase-inhibiting herbicides were used, were reported in 2022. Representatives from the Provisia Working Group will discuss experiences and Best Management Practices to control the threat of weedy rice outcrosses developing to the ACCase-inhibiting herbicide technology.