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Meet the Speakers
Dr. Whitney D. Crow Assistant Extension Professor Mississippi State University 901-592-8787 wdc165@msstate.edu
Tucker Miller III Mississippi Consultant: Cotton, Soybeans, Corn, Peanuts, Vegetables / Mississippi Farmer: Cotton, Soybeans, Wheat, Corn Miller Entomological Services Inc. 662-719-8937 millerent68@hotmail.com
Session Number: S5-2
About this Session

Management Strategies For Insect Pests In Soybean Production Systems

Presented by: Dr. Whitney Crow, Assistant Extension Professor, Mississippi State University

Strategies for managing soybean insects to maximize profits in 2023. Soybean insect management focused around the use of chemical and cultural practices to best combat pest such as stink bug, soybean pod worm, and soybean looper.


Managing High Yielding Soybean Production From A Consultant’s Viewpoint

Presented by: Tucker Miller III, Mississippi Consultant/Farmer, Miller Entomological Services Inc.

Consultants take a broad view in planning soybean production, keeping an eye focused on high yields. It all begins with optimizing such things as variety selection, planting dates, early season insect and weed control, use of fungicides and early and late-season weed control. Though he’s been consulting for the past 48 years, he first began checking cotton at age 15, making it 51 years he’s been in the field. Today, he consults on 25,000 acres of cotton, 5,000 acres each of soybeans and corn, as well as 1,000 acres each of peanuts and vegetables. He grew up on a farm where cotton, soybeans and rice were raised; on his own 2,000 acres, he raises soybeans, wheat and corn, but also raises cotton some years.