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Dr. BrendaOrtiz Professor & Extension Specialist Auburn University 334-844-5534 334-703-6412 bortiz@auburn.edu
MichaelMullek Alabama Farmer Mullek Farm 251-424-0685 michael.mullek@gmail.com
Session Number: PA3-2
About this Session

The Potential Of Precision Agriculture Technologies To Support Implementation Of Site-Specific Management Of Cotton Production In Alabama

Presented by:  Dr. Brenda Ortiz, Professor & Extension Specialist, Auburn University
Presented by:  Michael Mullek, Alabama Farmer, Mullek Farm

The use of precision agriculture (PA) technologies tomonitor crop, soils,and weather conditions and precisely place inputs such as seeds, fertilizer,and water according to within-field variability is allowing farmers to meet 21stcenturychallenges. In Alabama, PAextension specialists are working closely with stakeholders on evaluation and demonstration of PA technologies. In 2022 at a 64 acres field from the Mullek farms, we demonstrated several PA technologies. A 12-row John Deere planter retrofitted with Precision Planting® technologies was used to evaluate the impact of three downforce treatment (95, 120, and 150 pounds) on three cotton seeding rates. These treatments arranged on a split-split plot design received two nitrogen placement treatments. A Sentera drone was used to collect multispectral images to monitor crop growth. Preliminary results showed as the downforce increased, seeding depth increased, and plant height decreased. The impact of downforce on plant height changed within the field, zone, and with seeding rate. We were able to show the potential of drone images to capturing changes in plant height, crop biomass, and crop yield. These results showed the potential that PA technologies have on addressing within-field variability and adjusting management to that variability.