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Meet the Speakers
Dr. James Villegas Assistant Professor-Field Crops Entomology LSU Ag Center 225-266-3805 jvillegas@agcenter.lsu.edu
HaroldLambert Louisiana Consultant Lambert Agricultural Consulting Inc. 225-718-3401 hlambert3401@gmail.com
Session Number: CR4-2
About this Session

Performance of Bt Corn Against Corn Earworm In Louisiana

Presented by: Dr. James Villegas, Assistant Professor-Field Crops Entomology, LSU AgCenter

Corn hybrids expressing pyramided Bt proteins were evaluated against corn earworms in field trials conducted in Central and Northeast Louisiana. Although non-Bt and 2nd generation Bt hybrids experienced higher ear and kernel injury than Vip hybrids, yields were generally unaffected. Corn earworms were collected for use in bioassays against commonly utilized Bt traits in corn and cotton. The implication of widespread adoption of Vip corn hybrids on corn earworm management in cotton will be discussed.


A Crop Consultant’s View On Corn Inserts

Presented by: Harold Lambert, Louisiana Consultant, Lambert Agricultural Consulting Inc.

Lambert will focus on insect pests commonly encountered in corn production in south-central Louisiana, and their detection and management. The gradual change in pest status of several insects will also be discussed. Lambert has been consulting for 41 years, presently helping farmers fight problems on about 20,000 acres. He holds a bachelor’s degree in agronomy and a master’s in entomology, both from LSU.