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Meet the Speakers
Dr. SebeBrown Research and Extension Field Crop Entomologist University of Tennessee 731-425-4709 318-498-1283 sbrow175@utk.edu
Dr. BenThrash Extension Entomologist University of Arkansas 501-676-3124 501-517-3853 bthrash@uada.edu
Session Number: C6-2
About this Session

Managing Early Season Thrips in Cotton: Insecticide Resistance and ThryVon Performance

Presented by: Dr. Sebe Brown, Research & Extension Field Crop Entomologist, University of Tennessee

Tobacco thrips are the most economically important insect in Midsouth seedling cotton. With documented resistance to imidacloprid and thiamethoxam, growers are often forced to rely on foliar sprays of organophosphates or Intrepid Edge. ThryVon, a new Bt cotton technology, has the potential to eliminate thrips oversprays in cotton. This presentation will outline the location and severity of tobacco thrips resistance to organophosphates in the Midsouth and highlight the efficacy of ThryVon technology against thrips.

Managing Plant Bugs On Thryvon Cotton

Presented by: Dr. Ben Thrash, Extension Entomologist, University of Arkansas

This session will cover what to expect with Thryvon cotton and differences in tarnished plant bug management strategies between Thryvon and non-Thryvon cotton. We will also discuss the overall value of this new technology as well as potential changes in thresholds and insecticide programs.