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Meet the Speakers
HaydenHambrick Tech Services Rep RiceTec, Inc. 870-271-8211 hhambrick@ricetec.com
JasonMeier Product Development Manager ADAMA 870-308-2132 jason.meier@adama.com
Session Number: R11-2
About this Session

Herbicide Programs And Best Management Practices For FullPage And Max-Ace Rice Cropping Solutions

Presented by:  Hayden Hambrick, Tech Services Rep, RiceTec, Inc.
Presented by:  Jason Meier, Product Development Manager, ADAMA

In this session, we will discuss the potential for growers to achieve higher rice yields and manage grasses and broadleaf weeds including red/weedy rice with the FullPage and Max-Ace Rice Cropping Solutions. Additionally, we’ll talk about FullScript, the new advanced liquid herbicide formulation for the FullPage system and discuss rotational flexibility, best management practices and herbicide programs to leverage across both systems.