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Dr. AlbreBrown Technical Marketing Manager, US Agricultural Solutions BASF Corporation 919-717-0526 albre.brown@basf.com
Session Number: IU1-1
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New BASF Workhorse Fungicide – A New Solution For Southern Row Crop Disease

Presented by:  Dr. Albre Brown, Technical Marketing Manager, US Agricultural Solutions, BASF

In the south, disease pressure is constant due to the presence of multiple yield limiters such as Cercospora blight, aerial web blight, frogeye leaf spot, target spot, and Septoria brown spot. The new workhorse is specifically formulated for southern areas with consistent disease pressure. It combines the systemic activity and metered residual control of Xemium® fungicide with the flexible application window and broad-spectrum disease control of Revysol® fungicide. These two active ingredients’ work in concert to manage the challenging disease spectrum that threatens southern row crop acres.