New Obstacles In South Louisiana Rice Production

Oct 25, 2022 by Robin Moll in

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Dr. L. ConnorWebster Assistant Professor of Weed Science LSU AgCenter 256-694-3815
BarrettCourville Louisiana Consultant BC Rice Consulting 337-368-3591
Session Number: R4-2
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New Obstacles In South Louisiana Rice Production

Presented by: Dr. L. Connor Webster, Assistant Professor of Weed Science, LSU AgCenter

Over the past few growing seasons, the amount of inquiries concerning the control of Fimbristylis littoralis has grown exponentially. Fimbristylis is often times misidentified as rice flatsedge (Cyperus iria L.), which leaves many growers in a dilemma later in the growing season.  Both Fimbristylis and rice flatsedge belong to the cyperaceae (sedge) family; however, chemical control of these two weeds differ greatly.  An on-farm study was conducted in 2022 in Abbeville, Louisiana to determine the most effective control measures for Fimbristylis.


Southwest Louisiana Rice Production:  Major Issues, Variable Prices And Return On Investments

Presented by: Barrett Courville, Louisiana Consultant

Increasing production prices are making it difficult for Louisiana rice producers to make a profit. Many producers are making difficult decisions on how to cut output expenses and still make a profit growing rice. Courville will discuss common problems he has seen in recent years as a rice consultant in Southwest Louisiana and ways to maximize profits. He holds a master’s degree from Louisiana State University and a bachelor’s from McNeese State University. He spent 33 years as an LSU agricultural agent, 4 years as a consultant for Helena and 4 years with his own company, BC Rice Consulting.