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Meet the Speakers
Dr. Donna S.Gentry Coordinator, LA Master Farmer Program, ANR Agent, Southeast Region LSU AgCenter 225-522-8046 318-613-9278 dsgentry@agcenter.lsu.edu
KodyBeavers Louisiana Farmer Boeuf Prairie Farm 318-237-5555 kodybpfarm@gmail.com
Session Number: S10-2
About this Session

Cover Crop Seeding Rate Impacts On Soil Nitrogen And Yield

Presented by: Dr. Donna S. Gentry, Coordinator, LA Master Farmer Program, ANR Agent, Southeast Region, LSU AgCenter

Cover crops have many practical applications including the protection of soil, increased water infiltration and soil nitrogen (soil-N) availability, and improved crop yields. Rising costs of nitrogen fertilizer and other inputs have encouraged producers to find alternative ways to improve production and soil health. The LSU AgCenter implemented cover crop seeding rate trials in central and northeast Louisiana (across various soil types) to evaluate impacts from variable seeding rates on soil-N and crop yields. Although research indicates cover crop species, biomass, management practices, and environmental conditions may impact nitrogen, results also indicated differences in soil-N levels based on soil type and year, while soybean yield differences were due mainly to year.


What I Have Learned About The Benefits Of Cover Crops

Presented by: Kody Beavers, Louisiana Farmer, Boeuf Prairie Farm

After four years of farming on his own and seven years in farm management working for his partner, Beavers has learned a lot about the beneficial effects of cover crops. He will discuss how to manage cover crops in a row crop system, how it has benefited his operation, and the economics of its use. “Understanding how to best manage cover crops for your operation can provide worthwhile benefits for the producer,” he said. Beavers holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Ag Business from Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, LA. He also has a Master of Business Administration from the same university.